Clothes Comparison

Clothes Comparison

An affiliate marketing web application which simplifies purchasing clothing and accessories online

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Clothes Comparison

Clothes Comparison gives its users a means by which to search a large number of brands from famous labels such as French Connection to small indie designers such as Freshers Apparel. The brief was to create an interface that enabled users to easily search through Clothes Comparison's sizeable database of products simply and intuitively.

The website has set a new standard for fashion affiliate sites and has been designed to grow at great scale while maintaining flexibility to reflect the fashion industry.


The major challenge posed by this project was the requirement to provide both powerful search functionality and a more traditional faceted e-commerce interface in such a way that there was one seamless interface rather than two distinct entities. This was overcome by designing an interface which utilises ElasticSearch as both the search and product storage backend.

Additionally, Clothes Comparison was originally developed with the idea that existing affiliate marketing feeds would be consumed to provide the products for its service. Unfortunately it transpired that existing services failed to structure their data adequately and thus we had to return to the drawing board. This lead to the conception of ProductCloud.


We executed the discovery phase by analyzing potential competitors alongside distilling the client's vision into both wireframes and a IEEE Std 830-1998 software requirements specification.

The design phase began with the definition of the brand identity including designing their logo. This was followed by designing the interface based upon the wireframes created during the discovery phase.

Development then proceeded in an agile fashion where we identified their minimum valuable product (MVP) which we delivered in the first iteration. At the time of writing we continue to work with the client doing ad-hoc sprints to improve upon the product.


Clothes Comparison utlises a number of technologies including the Django web application framework, ElasticSearchRedis and the Celery distributed task queue.

Django is used to implement the majority of the logic related to the application; ElasticSearch acts as both the search and product storage backend; Redis is used for both caching and as a queue backend for Celery; and Celery is used to consume product data from the relevant APIs which provide access to the content displayed.