About Me

I play with computers for a living.

Skills & Interests

Java • Go • Python • Clojure • JavaScript • C#

Kubernetes • Cloud Native • Distributed Systems • Microservices • Observability

Django • Wagtail • Angular

Day Job

By day I’m a Principal Member of Technical Staff in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s Cloud Native Group chiefly working on Container Engine for Kubernetes. Additionally, I play a pivotal role in development of a number of Oracle’s open source projects/collaborations in the Cloud Native space.

Major projects include:

Open source contributions to:

RocketPod - the Early Days

RocketPod was initially founded in early 2013 by myself and Alex Price while we were both still studying for our undergraduate degrees. Over the years we built software for web, mobile, and desktop for a wide variety of clients. Our chief focus, however, was on Django web applications with a splash of Wagtail when required.

After parting ways professionally in 2016 I have continued to run RocketPod with a greater focus on backend development and operations; my specific areas of expertise.