Things I can help you with.

Solutions Engineering

As both a Principle Software Engineer in OCI’s Cloud Native Group and a Kubernetes contributor I am well placed to offer Cloud Native Solutions Engineering Services including:

  • Cloud Native Architecture Design and Review
  • Kubernetes Cluster Architecture and Operations
  • Kubernetes Operators
  • Continuous Integration and Application Deployment
  • Kubernetes Cluster Production Readiness Assessment

I enjoy working with companies to bootstrap their Cloud Native journey enabling them to unlock the full potential of Kubernetes to increase developer productivity and operational efficiency for their businesses.

Software Engineering

I’m most at home in Go and Python but enjoy utilising the best tools for the job at hand.

Whether you need a hand on an existing application or need that mission critical microservice delivered yesterday I can help ensure your project goes smoothly.

Django and Wagtail

I continue to take on select backend development and operations work on Django and Wagtail projects. Let me know if you need help solving interesting problems!